CBD Infusionz Nano & CBN 500mg capsules

CBD Infusionz Nano & CBN 500mg Capsules


The sleepy time cannabinoid is here!
Our new CBN Capsules are an easy, no-mess way of consuming your CBD + CBN.

Nano Water Soluble CBD – 500mg capsules

These have:

  • 100mg naturally occurring CBN per bottle
  • 400mg NANO water-soluble CBD per bottle
  • These CBN capsules are sugar-free and have minimal calories!
  • This CBG product is great for those with strict dietary needs.
  • 5mg of CBN and 20mg of NANO water-soluble CBD per capsule.

**WARNING – The CBN cannabinoid will cause drowsiness. Do not drive or operate machinery when taking. Only take before sleep.**



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