Social CBD Caps 1000mg


Our CBD Isolate capsules are an effective no-fuss way to add CBD to your everyday wellness routine.

Containing 33.33mg CBD per capsule, our CBD capsules make it easy to get a consistent serving of CBD each and every time.

Combined with natural botanicals and herbs, CBD capsules provide a targeted approach to your everyday wellness.

Choice of 4 varieties – 30 capsules (33.3% CBD in each cap) Isolate CBD

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Recover: CBD + Curcumin, Black Pepper Extract
Rethink recovery. This hardworking blend of pure CBD extract, turmeric and black pepper, work in unison to promote overall physical comfort.

Boost: CBD + Yerba Mate, Moringa
Beat the burnout. The natural characteristics of yerba mate and moringa are combined with pure CBD extract to provide the boost necessary to take on the day.

Balance: Pure CBD Isolate
Elevate routine and re-establish the connection between mind and body with pure CBD extract, delivered in easy-to-take capsules.

Rest: CBD + Valerian Root, Passion Flower
Sleep tight. The desired properties of valerian root and passionflower, combined with pure CBD extract, are the ideal match for those seeking a much-needed rest.

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Social CBD Varieties

Recover, Boost, Balance, Rest


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